HopBlox: The Token For Your Health

3 min readSep 24, 2021


In this article Luis Montalvan our Chief Community Officer, will introduce and explain to you what Hopblox is and how it connects with HopBlox’s Ecosystem and ultimate value proposition of making safe travel a reality in 2021!

COVID-19 has been a hard hit to the global economy, period. From the hospitality industry to the healthcare industry, no economic activity has gone through unscathed. It took us by surprise and it tested the leadership capabilities of businessmen, family heads, and governments alike. Humanity thrives under adversity, and on this occasion, it was no different. We saw different major stakeholders unite and come together through public and private policies to ensure that the world had a working vaccine available in record time in history. A truly magnificent moment of human ingenuity, and we all bear witness to it.

Reactivating The Global Economy

Now, six months into 2021 new questions and challenges have arrived. New variants are appearing and the economy is taking its natural turn towards activation. Are the governments of the world ready to verify vaccine information from their local populace? What about verifying vaccination information from international tourists? How can we ensure the safety of a business and verify vaccination data without being intrusive? These are just a few of the questions that come into mind when addressing the new normal with COVID-19.

Introducing HopBlox

As a Philippine-based startup, all of the aforementioned questions hit especially close to home. We know the importance of tourism for both local and global actors. We understand the importance of being ready against pandemics and respiratory diseases… and we understand the importance of not being intrusive and being able to ensure a secured network for all our data. That’s why we came together, a group of seasoned entrepreneurs, blockchain experts, and security limelights and created the #HopBloxPassport — the first vaccine verification mobile application built using blockchain technology that not only protects your information and ensures its veracity, but also allows users to earn while promoting health benefits with our tokens.

Promote Health To Earn

HOP ($HOP) is HopBlox’s cryptocurrency. We use it to provide individuals and companies the opportunity to invest in their health and as a verification token for vaccination verification. By doing that, every time you access your vaccination data it will be recorded and secured using blockchain technology but not only that, users will also be eligible to receive $HOP which can then be used to schedule future health appointments through our network, redeem discounts with registered businesses (like your favorite Ramen place), and of course — verify your vaccination data.

HopBlox’s Ambassador Program

We want to make sure that everybody has a chance to earn $HOP, so we came up with a simple way to give back to the community with our HopBlox’s Ambassador Program — but that’s something I’ll be discussing in another article, but if you’re interested you can join our weekly orientation chats with our Chief Business Officer Rodrigo Crespo.

Bringing It All Together

HopBlox is more than a vaccination passport solution, it is our own way of helping reactivate the global economy while stretching a hand to countries that depend upon tourism. We are very proud and excited of being part of this project and look forward to share our journey with all of you!

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HopBlox is a blockchain-based medical data platform that enhances data security and health safety for businesses, travelers, and the tourism sector as a whole.