HopBlox — Groundbreaking Healthcare Platform Reactivating The Economy Through Decentralized Data Management, Vaccination Data Access, and Permission Management.

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[Manila] On April 18, 2021, HopBlox — a disruptive blockchain-based health technology company that features a decentralized medical data platform was born. It provides verified data, with user permission access, available anytime, anywhere through blockchain, enabling people movement for business and tourism, opening global and local economies, and “hopping users into their life“. Built on top of the Binance Smart Chain, HopBlox introduces a viable standard for medical data verification, sharing, and international access.

The Challenge

COVID-19 delivered a massive blow to economies across the world. The pandemic revealed a general lack of connectivity and data exchange into the global health supply chains. Everyone was not ready, and our lack of attention exposed gaps in delivering vital products and services in the health and general economies. No one has foreseen the effects that disrupted several industries and businesses, bringing supply chains to their knees.

Governments, merchants, and global citizens had to deal with this reality with no preparation whatsoever.

The Solution

An ecosystem that provides security, interchangeability, and data verification across a safe network guided by a team of technologists and entrepreneurs willing to make it a reality.

That’s why the HopBlox Ecosystem provides secure vaccination data storage and user permission access for retrievals. The primary consideration for the system design is to access the secured information whenever the user is required to show legitimate vaccination data, but that’s only the beginning.

HopBlox enables people movement for business and tourism with legitimate vaccination data, empowers users/patients with medical history for general health and wellness, and empowers users with medical history for general health and wellness benefits providing up to date medical history for health insurance providers.

Our Flagship Product: HopPass

Vaccinated individuals should have proof that they have been vaccinated already — this allows the governments to open up to businesses and the tourism sector by requiring proof of vaccination when needed, thus reactivating the economy and fostering health benefits to citizens around the world.

The HopPass is a decentralized mobile application where data is securely stored in the mobile device, securely shared to authorized third parties, and verifiable with blockchain technology.. It allows users to book vaccinations, schedule health tests, and electronic health record (EHR) verification.

But Why Use Blockchain?

Physical, printed records can be easily counterfeited or falsified. Verified EHR with immunization and diagnostic reports data through Hopblox can never be altered, nor faked. EHR’s are secured and retrieved with user permission by the requesting authority.

User‘s EHR is safely secured and encrypted in the users’ mobile devices. After user shares his encrypted EHR, it is decrypted by the requester and verified with a blockchain transaction. No EHR is stored by HopBlox.

HopBlox Health

As a groundbreaking milestone, the HopBlox Ecosystem provides partners a dashboard for control and monitoring of vaccination drive, data, and other important information’s protocol offers advantages to both users and developers alike, via HopBlox Health.

HOPX: Get Rewarded For Securing Your Data

HopBlox has its own digital currency HOPX. HOPX will be airdropped and rewarded to users for every vaccination, COVID-19 Test or Medical Data validated, encrypted in the user’s device, and protected in the blockchain.

HopBlox is the only platform that works towards securing your data, your health, and your pockets!

Advantages Of Our Technology

Tackling the world’s biggest challenges requires us to use all the available resources and technology to deliver our goal. That is why our team of experts and advisors at HopBlox have selected, researched, and leveraged the most important aspects of blockchain technology towards healthcare.

Blockchain Network

HopBlox is being built on top of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network, selected for lower transaction costs, high speed, and security. The development plan includes creating HopBlox’s blockchain, the HopBlox Smart Blocks (HSB), where the whole ecosystem will migrate. The ultimate goal of the HSB is to become the mainstream health blockchain that different health organizations can use to build their health blockchain projects

Compliance and Data Protection

HopBlox actively complies with the rules and regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC), and the Data Protection Act of countries where we will operate. We are committed to protecting the privacy of our customers and the data that we collect from them and will have our own Data Protection Officer reporting directly to the CEO.


Initially HopBlox will use it’s resources efficiently by connecting directly to the mainnet. As we evolve, HopBlox will start with one full node validator running on an m5zn.2xlarge EC2 instance behind a load balancer. In the event of an outage, the auto-scaling group will fire up a new instance, and it could take around 45 minutes to fully synchronize. As we ramp up our transactions, the number of nodes will be increased.

Healthcare Application Scenarios

HopBlox Analytics

Leveraging the data collected and the safety that we provide both public and private users through blockchain technology, HopBlox introduces HopBlox Analytics. The only blockchain-powered database that is available to healthcare providers, professionals, institutions, research, and development. Our goal is to bring seamless connectivity and cooperation for the benefit of humanity as a whole. Connecting worldwide data through game-changing research. Further accelerating the way we share medical information, and thus finding solutions.

HopBlox Insurance

As a one-in-all solution, HopBlox provides a platform for a faster insurance application experience and approval along with full KYC for each user, including its complete medical history. Thus, reducing the turnaround time of insurance policy processing and opening insurance products to demanding markets worldwide.

Our international team is comprised of blockchain experts, technologists, designers, and marketers with over 20+ years of experience bringing digital solutions to people worldwide.

Are You Ready To Hop Back Into Your Life?

Let’s create an Open Global Economy with a healthy population that is free to move and travel safely. Through HopBlox we help enable economies to open by securing and making legitimate vaccination & medical data available anytime, anywhere, while empowering people to earn by promoting health and wellness.

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HopBlox is a blockchain-based medical data platform that enhances data security and health safety for businesses, travelers, and the tourism sector as a whole.